Tip Line Program

The Tip Line Program solves crime through anonymous tips in partnership with law enforcement agencies. 

Safe School Institute

The Safe School Institute creates a proactive dialogue with students, parents, school staff, and school-based law enforcement about personal and school safety, AND provides students with a safe and anonymous way to report crime and potential dangers on campus.


Safe Community Program

The Safe Community Program identifies crime affecting the Greater Houston Area and takes profound steps to prevent crime before it occurs through citizen empowerment and education.

Parents Against Crime

Parents Against Crime is Crime Stoppers of Houston's society for the prevention of crime. Members enjoy free seminars that cover important topics for parents and families. Membership is open to all parents in Houston who support a safe and productive community.

Fallen Hero Project

Crime Stoppers’ Fallen Hero Project protects, defends and gives back to the heroes who keep Houston safe. The Fallen Hero Project provides unprecedented protections for peace officers and fire fighters to ensure their safety as they serve the citizens of the Greater Houston Area.

Victim Services and Advocacy Program

The Victim Services and Advocacy Program is to promote safety, healing, justice and rights for crime victims and survivors

Community Partnerships and Collaborations

As the leading crime prevention resource for the Houston community, Crime Stoppers’ role is to facilitate the important conversations with the community at large. We are able to conduct a series of education and awareness events throughout the year due to partnerships and collaborations with other agencies, law enforcement and the media.